90% of Zarechny residents say Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station is important to area's socioeconomic development

25 February 2014 (10:38)

February 25, 2014. 92% of people living in Zarechny approve of using nuclear energy for electric power generation. This is 25% more than in Sverdlovsk Region on average. The number of those who feel positive about the future of the Russian nuclear power plans is now 95%, Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station's Information & PR Department refers to the survey conducted by Remarket as stating.

It should be noted that 83% of those surveyed voted for the active development of the nuclear industry, 12% of respondents would like it to stay the way it is, and nearly no one said it should be lifted.

'The sociological survey findings have proved once again that the longer a nuclear power station operates in the area and the closer to it people live, the more positive they feel about the nuclear energy, since the nuclear power plant's many years of safe and reliable operation in themselves form a good reputation. The nearby residents can see everything for themselves in the course of taking tours of the station where they are given objective and accurate information about Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station,' the Department says.

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