Russian ore maker prepares for winter

31 July 2006 (11:24)

Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) started getting ready for the winter season. Special committees meant for supervising all the preparations were set up in all of the company’s subsidiaries. The committees have to report to the central committee consisting of the company’s experts. The bulk of the preparations should have been finished by October 10, 2006.

The technicians of Evrazruda are now examining and repairing the heating, hot- and cold-water facilities, pumps, water-removing equipment, and ventilation systems in all of the company’s mines. They are also fixing the cranage, the crushing equipment, and the conveyors at the processing plants.

The company will also have to repair five kilometers of railroads, give overhaul to nine points and two engines (in Abagurskiy and Gurievskiy subsidiaries). They will need additional stock of cables and spare parts for car dumpers and excavators as well.

All the employees dealing in power units preparations for the winter season take them seriously, since they all understand that these preparations are important not only for the production process but also for the miners themselves. This is why they are now busy with emergency training aimed at improving their speed of response. The experts of Abagurskiy and Gurievskiy subsidiaries are also fixing the boilers and making sure they have enough coal, diesel oil, black oil, lubricants, and at least 20 tons of raw materials, reports their spokesperson.

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