Evrazruda develops cooperation within its mechanical service network

9 November 2006 (11:28)

Evrazruda JSC (Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group) decided to develop cooperation among the mechanical services of its subsidiaries as well as to introduce a schedule for providing the enterprise with materials; this schedule is expected to make the corporate planning and internal cooperation more organized.

The papers covering the schedule procedures contain a detailed algorithm of joint performance of mechanical services and logistics departments of the subsidiaries (the latter deal with centralized supply system and internal order distribution).

Abagurskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda (the only one that makes general mechanical rubber goods such as rings and cups for mining equipment) is already performing on the basis of this schedule; it has completed 80% of all orders from the other corporate subsidiaries placed in the second half of 2006.

Mundybashskiy subsidiary (traditionally dealing in iron castings of plugs and brake pads for neighboring mines) has recently obtained an order from Gorno-Shakhtskiy subsidiary for 300 nose bushings for rubber ropes.

Gorno-Shakhtskiy subsidiary itself renders its services to Tashtagolskiy, Kazskiy, and Mundybashskiy subsidiaries in terms of jawbreaker armouring.

The casting shop of Teiskiy subsidiary makes a lot of spare parts for excavators and crushing and reducing equipment for the mines located in Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakasia. Irbinskiy subsidiary specializes in mechanical processing of jawbreakers and gyratory breakers.

All of the company’s departments are now faced with the challenge of having to cut costs, increase overhaul and scheduled repair efficiency, expand the range of products and services they are offering to each other, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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