Evrazruda JSC looks at its quality achievements in first half of 2006

31 July 2006 (11:20)

Experts of Evrazruda JSC (Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group) assessed the company’s success in managing the quality of raw stuff and ready ore in the first half of 2006.

All of the company’s subsidiaries met the quality requirements concerning the iron content in the raw stuff and in the primary ore concentrate. Abagurskiy and Mundybashskiy subsidiaries also met the requirements for the agglomerate and secondary ore concentrate. Yet there was some decrease of ore in the final tailings.

Mundybashskiy subsidiary rose the fineness of the concentrate by 2.3% (this eases extraction of iron). Irbinskiy subsidiary (Krasnoyarsk Region) mastered the production of agglo-concentrate and is now perfecting it. Gurievskiy subsidiary improved the efficiency of its bolting machines, which increased the production of limestone (32-80 mm), reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda JSC.

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