Vanadium ore mining and processing enterprise of Kachkanar does repairs

13 April 2006 (12:56)

Vanadium ore mining and processing enterprise of Kachkanar (part of Evraz Group) has been repairing and replacing the contact-wire line of Yuzhnaya station as well as the rails of № 2 freight track of Yuzhnaya and Drobleniya. Replacement of belt roller and repairs of №№ 1, 3, 15, 17 conveyor belt compressors were performed in the concentrating mill of the crushing shop. Everything was done before the deadline. Some assembling concerning the replacement of separators and of the rod mill will also take place.

The equipment repairing specialists are keeping on installing the Test Tower unit meant for determination of the ore size and the ferrous content.

№ 3 calcining plant is under reparation in the pellet factory.

The obsolete pipes GR-8000 and GR-4000 will have been replaces by Warman ones from England before the end of this week.

‘Regular overhauls and timely replacement and upgrading of the obsolete equipment allow us to cut costs and keep up with the pace of production,’ the company’s spokesperson said.

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