Vanadium ore mining and processing enterprise repairs 2 calcining plants of its pellet shop

25 April 2006 (12:00)

Vanadium JSC, (ore mining and processing enterprise of Kachkanar, member of Evraz Group), completed the scheduled repairs of calcining plants No. 3 and No. 4 in its pellet shop on April 21, 2006. Repair works were carried in the working shop and kept in accordance with the schedule, PR-department of Evraz Group said.

The calcining plant No. 3 had been repaired within 5 days. Specialists from both subdivisions of the company inspected its equipment and replaced some obsolete parts of the machine and its refractory masonry. They also carried out a complex operation of replacement of low-speed gearhead shaft at the calcining plant. The calcining plant No. 4 resumed processing raw pellets 120 hours after being shut down for repair works.

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