Yekaterinburg: Shishimskaya Gorka Art Residence Goes Online

6 April 2020 (09:31)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 6, 2020. Shishimskaya Gorka Art Residence goes online; there have also been changes in the program to do with the international travel ban and self-isolation requirements.

A London- and Berlin-based female artist’s May residence has been postponed till a later date. Yekaterinburg-based Anastasia Bogomolova will step in instead, Brusnika’s press service informs UrBC.

A multi-disciplinary artist and photo book collector, Anastasia Bogomolova does installations, performances, sculpture, and photography. Her art projects are an investigation into the mechanisms of remembering and forgetting and into the changes in an emotional and physical landscape.

Shishimskaya Gorka Art Residence is meant to inspire Bogomolova to work on her Periods Project. The artist intends to present the stages of a creative process that are usually discarded as ‘backstage’ or only get displayed in bits and pieces, that is, the way an artist looks for the sources of an artistic statement; the way the key words get selected; the way sketchbooks and mood boards get created; the way images get tried out and selected.

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