Central Stadium to Host Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art

14 September 2012 (14:53)

On September 14, an exhibition presentation will be coordinated at Yekaterinburg Central Stadium within the framework of Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. The biennale will be held from September 13, 2012 to October 22, 2012, with support from Russia’s Culture Ministry, the Governor Administration, Sverdlovsk Region Government, and Yekaterinburg Municipal Council, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

Ural Industrial Biennale is the largest international exhibition that houses its exhibits not on the traditional museum floor but on the premises of industrial enterprises (Yekaterinburg- and Sverdlovsk Region-based plants). For a month, locals and visitors will be able to get acquainted with projects by artists from thirty different countries; their exhibits have been created after studying the industrial facilities of the Urals.

As a partner of the 2nd Ural Biennale, Sinara Group offered Yekaterinburg Central Stadium as a venue for hosting the exhibition. The sports facility’s pavilions will house the final exhibition featuring the exhibition versions of design projects for the so-called art residences that are currently operating on the premises of industrial enterprises and industrial cities of Sverdlovsk Region. The art residence format means industrial space interacts with and gets woven into the current artistic processes. The main idea behind the program is creating works of art on the basis of an artist’s investigating and interacting with the environment.

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