RosSet’s FGC UES Improves Lightning Protection at Troitskaya Power Station

26 March 2020 (09:26)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 26, 2020. RosSet’s Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems is going to improve lightning protection of mains connected to Troitskaya Power Station, FGC UES’s Ural division’s PR and media group reports.

‘The company started mounting a new overhead ground-wire cable at the 220-kV Troitskaya Power Station-PS90-2 Main. Over 40 km of the cable will have to get replaced all in all, which will protect the main against lightning-caused electrical overstress and will thus ensure reliable power supply from Troitskaya Power Station to Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Group’s member enterprises,’ the company says.

The new overhead ground-wire cable is made from aluminum-covered steel wire units, which ensures exceptional thermal and corrosion resistance. The use of aluminum alloys also means the cable is 20% lighter than usual, which reduces the supports’ workload considerably. The appliance is meant to serve for forty-five years at least.

Troitskaya Power Station-PS90-2 Main is 176.5 km long; part of the main goes along agricultural lands, so everything will get completed before the start of the sowing campaign.

The plan is to replace more than 97 km of overhead ground-wire cable in Chelyabinsk Region before the end of the year altogether.

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