FGC UES Builds New Main Supports

21 February 2017 (16:04)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 21, 2017. Rosset's Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems completed rebuilding its 220-kilowatt Beloyarskaya-Mramornaya electric main that ensures power supply for Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station in Yekaterinburg, the company press service reports.

Four new supporting beams were installed on the line, some of the worn-out parts of the iron/concrete structures were also replaced with new ones. The obstructing trees were also put down to clear the way and prevent power outages.

The 220-kilowatt Beloyarskaya-Mramornaya electric main has been in use since 1984. The main ensures power supply from Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station to Argayashskaya Power Station and thus serves as a power link between Sverdlovsk Region’s and Chelyabinsk Region’s energy networks.

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