ChelPipe Group Supplies New Produce to Chelyabinsk Integrated Metallurgical Plant

22 January 2020 (09:10)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, January 21, 2020. ChelPipe Group manufactured and supplied a new type of ETERNO INGENIUM hi tech produce for Mechel Group’s Chelyabinsk Integrated Metallurgical Plant’s oxygen converter shop.

According to the company’s press service, the set of equipment supplied to customer (total weight: 600,000+ kg) comprises gas ducts (diameter: more than 3 meters; length: up to 15 meters) and steel-ladling scoops (capacity: 156,000 kg) that were made at ChelPipe Group’s stamp-welded pipeline component manufacturer ETERNO.

‘This is the first time ETERNO has made the metal frameworks for the gas ducts necessary to assemble the up-to-date gas-filtering facilities. The company also mastered the production of custom-designed ladle bottoms. A whole net set of tech equipment had to be designed and manufactured in order to achieve this,’ the company says.

ETERNO’s produce will be used to replace the old oxygen converter at Chelyabinsk Integrated Metallurgical Plant within the framework of the plant’s production upgrades program. Chelyabinsk Integrated Metallurgical Plant’s oxygen converter shop is the key link in the metallurgical production chain that meets 100% of the plant’s steel needs. The shop produces about 4,000,000,000 kg of steel a year; the steel gets shaped into ingots and is sent to rolling departments to be turned into rails, beams, reinforcement bars, and other metal goods.

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