Russian Scientists Assess Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plantís FNRs

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 22, 2019. A group of Russian scientists paid a visit to Rosatomís Power & Energy Divisionís Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant to assess the fast fission reactorsí potential for the future of the nuclear industry, the plantís press service reports.

The delegation, chaired by the Russian Academy of Sciencesí Corresponding Fellow Viktor Sagaradze, visited the plant within the framework of the Academyís Learned Councilís offsite session on radiation and solid state physics at Reactor Materials Institute in Zarechny.

ĎBeloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant gets operated by first-class professionals who ensure safe and reliable equipment performance. We were positively stunned by their BN 800 Reactor-based power-generating unit. The prototype of this unit, based on BN 600, was used in the past for a joint project we completed with Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Materials Institute on enhancing the resiliency of fuel cladding,í Sagaradze said.

In addition to visiting BN 800 power-generating unit, the scientists also met with the plantís Deputy Senior Engineer for Safety & Reliability Valeriy Shamansky and Deputy Senior Engineer for Power Generating Unit 4 Ilya Filin. It was observed in the course of their discussion that cooperating with the Russian Academy of Sciences helped increase the fuel burn-up at BN 800 Reactor over the years, which improved the power unitís technical and economic features.

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