Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant is accident-prone, warns Rostechnadzor

30 March 2007 (18:52)

Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant has been complying with the physical security and radiation safety norms and regulations on the whole, reported Head of Rostechnadzor (the state technological, environmental, and nuclear safety watchdog) Konstantin Pulikovskiy after visiting the premises of the plant in Zarechniy, Sverdlovsk Region.
Rostechnadzor had been examining the plant for two weeks in order to see if it followed Rostechnadzor’s licensing agreement and found that the plant fully complied with it; there were, however, a number of problems that might lead to certain operational contingencies. For example, the final safekeeping and recycling of fuel is still an issue.

The close-up meeting was devoted to both these aspects and the plant’s developmental prospects (the upcoming construction of a new power generating unit and renovation of the existing one).

Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant is Russia’s only station to employ a fast reactor (a 600 megawatt BN power generating unit), with another 800-megawatt fast reactor to be put up in 2012.

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