Fuel gets charged into BN-800 reactor at Beloyarskaya Power Station

4 February 2014 (15:45)

February 4, 2014. The first fuel assembly has been charged into BN-800 reactor of Power Generating Unit 4 of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station, the station's Information & PR Center reports.

The start-up neutron source was installed in the reactor's active area the other day; it is meant for controlling the neutron current.

Charging the first fuel assembly is one of the key stages, a certain psychological benchmark that signifies the start of the reactor's life,' says Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station's Deputy Chief Engineer Valeriy Shamansky.

The launch of the BN-800 reactor comprises a set of procedures that began in December 2013; the first stage involved heating the reactor up with gas and filling in with metal coolant, that is, sodium.

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