MMK Chair of the BOD Viktor Rashnikov Settles Prityazhenie’s Architectural Look

18 November 2019 (09:15)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, November 18, 2019. Chair of the BOD at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Viktor Rashnikov confirmed the design proposal for the architectural look of and landscape/tree-planting solutions for Prityazheniye Project, MMK’s Information & PR Department reports.

Prityazheniye Project, which is unique to Russia, aims to take Magnitogorsk’s idea of a comfortable urban environment to a completely new level. A 400-hectare land allotment owned by MMK has been designated for the project. The site will become a home to modern sports facilities, healthcare establishments, museums, and educational and culture venues, where locals and visitors to Magnitogorsk will be able to do sports, engage in recreational pastimes, acquire new skills, and get access to quality healthcare, the company says.

In April 2019, a tender was coordinated to select the general design contractor for the project. The contract went to the German company OBERMEYER Consult, which presented three design solutions to the key person behind the project and MMK Chair of the BOD Viktor Rashnikov last week. Following the presentation, the final choice was made to settle the architectural appearance of the key buildings and the facilities in the cluster at the center of the park.

‘The project begins to look more specific; the architectural solutions we decided upon and the all-the-year-round utility of the main facilities are all in harmony with the best Russian and global practices. Once it has been completed, the project will become one of Russia’s most unique examples of comprehensive area development and will serve as a modern, active, and stimulating urban environment for Magnitogorsk locals that is filled with new meanings and new opportunities,’ Viktor Rashnikov said.

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