MMK Presents Prityazhenie in Magnitogorsk

9 October 2019 (09:09)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, October 9, 2019. A public presentation of Prityazhenie, a large-scale project proposed by Chair of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Board of Directors Viktor Rashnikov, took place in Magnitogorsk, MMK’s Information & PR Department reports.

The presentation was attended by the media, members of local NGOs, businessmen and women, and Magnitogorsk residents.

‘The idea is to create high quality urban environment in Magnitogorsk. First, a 220-hectare growth cluster will appear in the area, with sports facilities, clinics, museums, culture facilities, educational establishments, and recreational facilities for doing sports, engaging in different pastimes, and getting healthcare services. The area will comprise a museum center, a sports/events hub, a multi-purpose medical center, and a large park with an ‘activities ring’ and a man-made pond 15 hectares large,’ MMK representatives say.

A pedestrian boulevard around the eastern edges of the area that will circle around all the primary facilities is an important part of the proposed project.

The project is currently at the design stage. The general contractor is expected to present the design solutions for the key buildings in the project very soon. The site is already getting prepared for geological survey work. The construction will begin in the spring of 2020, with the first buildings and facilities scheduled to get commissioned on the eve of Metallurgist’s Day in 2022. These will be: most of the park, the boulevard, a 50-meter indoor pool, and a gym/fitness studio. The entire core cluster is expected to get completed by 2025.

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