First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk Branch’s Hopper Railcar Traffic Up 26%

23 October 2019 (09:13)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 23, 2019. First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch handled 477,000,000 kg of cargo in hopper railcars in January-September 2019, which exceeded the figures for one year earlier by 26%.

According to First Freight Company’s Corporate Communications Department, the increase has to do with a more personalized approach to working with cargo owners and with an inflow of new customers. The overall shipments of cement, industrial raw stuffs and molding materials, and refractory goods went up the most, that is, by 48% (up to 310,000,000 kg), by nearly 300% (up to 61,000,000 kg), and by 100% (up to 19,000,000 kg), respectively.

‘Our improving performance indicators stem from a personalized approach to the needs of our key customers: EUROCEMENT Group, South Ural Mining & Processing Company (YUGPK), Dyckerhoff Korkino Cement, and Vishnevogorsky Mining & Processing Plant (Vishnevogorsky GOK). We also started doing business with new partners, Bergauf Stroitelnye Tehnologii and Volgograd Ceramics Plant (VKZ), for example,’ says Director at First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch Gleb Gorbunov.

The branch processed 31% more shipments within Russia in January-September 2019 than a year earlier (overall turnover: 468,000,000,000 kg). The freight forwarding operations took place within South Ural Railways and in the direction of Gorky Railways, Sverdlovsk Railways, Moscow Railways, and Kuibyshev Railways. Additionally, 9,000,000 kg of cargo got shipped across the border, to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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