First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk Branch Ships 15% More Goods Internationally

1 July 2019 (10:05)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, July 1, 2019. First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch shipped 195,000,000 kg of export/import items under its trans-border freight forwarding contracts via Yuzhno–Uralskaya (South Ural) Railway in January-May 2019; this was 15% more than one year earlier. The company’s international freight turnover came to 390,000,000 ton-kilometers, the company’s press service reports.

‘We do more than handle shipments, we actually work out the best route for our customers’ consignments, track the intermediary stages of the shipments, and cover all of the paperwork. Our key customer is ChEMK, the electro-metallurgical plant in Chelyabinsk that is Russia’s largest ferrous alloy manufacturer. ChEMK’s produce enjoys demand on the domestic market as well as in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, countries in Asia, and Belarus. The plant had 145,000,000 kg of goods shipped internationally via our company in the first five months of 2019,’ says Director at First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch Vladimir Terekhov.

All in all, the company shipped more iron ore (+7%, up to 130,000,000 kg); consumer goods (+28%, up to 32,000,000 kg); ferrous metals (+6%, up to 15,000,000 kg); metal frames (+40%, up to 6,500,000 kg); refractory goods (+2%, up to 6,500,000 kg); and construction goods (+2%, up to 5,500,000 kg).

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