First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk Branch’s Piggyback Forwarding Output Doubles

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, May 27, 2019. First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch handled 65,000,000 kg of piggyback consignments in January-April 2019, which was nearly twice as much as one year earlier, the company’s press service reports.

The piggyback freight forwarding turnover rose by 55%, up to 158 ton-kilometers. The share of First Freight Company’s freight forwarding operations handled by South Ural Railways rose from 11% to 13%.

‘The increase has to do with the growing amount of consignments from our key customers: ZhBI 74, Kurganstalmost, and ChZSMK. Besides, we also resumed handling the seasonal shipments from MMK Group’s Ogneupor in April. Our loaded well cars depart from Buskul Station, Chelyabinsk Region, arrive in Magnitogorsk-Gruzovoy Station, Chelyabinsk Region, and go back empty to get loaded again,’ says the Director of First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk branch Vladimir Terekhov.

The company says most of the piggyback consignments were construction aggregates (their overall amount went up to 47,400,000 kg, or by 1.7 times). Besides, the company’s Chelyabinsk branch started using the well cars to handle shipments of ferrous metals (10,000,000+ kg in January-April alone).

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