Raspadskaya Coal Company Buys New Shunters

14 June 2019 (09:18)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 14, 2019. Raspadskaya Coal Company’s Kuznetskpogruztrans is now using three new TEM18DM diesel-locomotive shunters.

‘The modern shunters are fitted with an emergency braking system; the operator’s unit has a small cooker, a thermoelectrical fridge, and an climate control system; there’s a special appliance to keep track of whether the shunter operator stays awake. The shunters are suited to operate within a very broad temperature range (-50 to +40 degrees centigrade), and the window panes are fitted with automatic heating/defrosting units,’ Raspadskaya Coal Company’s press service says.

The three new shunters cost RUB 164m all in all. The company intends to invest in fifteen more shunters in the next five years in order to optimize its forwarding logistics and improve the operators’ working conditions.

‘The company director Alexei Graborov handed the keys to the shunter operators in the course of a little ceremony and wished them a safe journey,’ the press service says.

Kuznetskpogruztrans also plans to develop Novokuznetsk-Severny Station and reclaim the area near Kuregesh Station, where coal from Yesaulskaya Mine will get loaded into railcars, as part of the local Cleaner Coal-Cleaner Kuzbass Program. This means the coal will get transported from the mine in a more environmentally friendly way, that is, by rail and not by road.

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