MegaFon’s Telemedicine Platform To Enhance Surgical Safety

12 April 2019 (09:05)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 12, 2019. Ural hospitals will soon be using MegaFon’s telemedicine platform, which is expected to ensure more safety during complicated scheduled surgeries and emergency operations; the agreement to this effect was signed by MegaFon and V.D. Fedorov Russian Association for Endoscopic Surgery.

According to the telecom company’s press service, the platform in question is a cloud service that makes it possible for clinics and hospitals to offer distance medical advice on patients’ health status, diagnosis, prognosis, and patient examination and treatment tactics, as well as to keep track of the patients’s health remotely.

‘The association members get access to the telemedicine platform’s entire range of services, which means they can control a surgery and watch videos of the surgical area both in the operation theater and any other location anywhere in the world. In complicated cases, the platform allows doctors to consult the expert community right during a surgery. A timely expert opinion helps the operating surgeon make the best decision; the platform is connected to the tele-medical unit in the operation room that can, in its turn, get easily connected to a laparoscope, an X-ray unit, and other medical equipment. The platform is also fully integrated with all of the Healthcare Ministry’s official online resources, so it can be used at any inpatient unit, be it a local clinic or the National Medical Research Center,’ the press service says.

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