59% of Russians Unwilling to Get E-Passports

30 July 2019 (09:26)

UrBC, Moscow, July 30, 2019. 59% of Russians are not prepared to get an electronic passport issued for them, even though as many as 85% are familiar with the idea, TASS refers to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center’s survey findings as indicating.

22% of respondents don’t feel this type of ID would be reliable another 8% are wary of possible database glitches; 4% of those surveyed feel pessimistic about the e-passport because of the possible data leaks and the risk of losing the passport itself. Finally, 3% of respondents say the ID is not universally suitable for everyone and everywhere.

According to the research findings, only 31% of Russians would actually prefer to have an electronic passport. 36% of surveyed men and 41% of respondents in the 18-24 age group said they’d like an e-passport, thus making up the majority of the 31% group.

11% of those surveyed point to the e-passport’s all-purpose status (every bit of information within a single ID) as its primary advantage; 8% of those surveyed commented on its durability, its being difficult to lose or misplace, and its compact size; and 7% of those surveyed said an electronic ID would be very practical.

The nationwide survey took place on July 25 and involved 1,600 Russian nationals over 18.

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