60% of Yekaterinburg Locals Ready to Move Country For Job

31 August 2018 (09:38)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 31, 2018. 66% of Yekaterinburg’s residents who took part in a recent opinion survey said they would be willing to leave Russia for another country for good, provided they had a good job offer there. 6% of respondents are already employed abroad, zarplata.ru reports after having surveyed 1,140 locals.

88% of those surveyed feel positive about labor migration and believe one should use the opportunity of emigrating if it arises. 12% of respondents, on the other hand, are confident one should stay and work for the good of one’s home country.

66% of respondents wouldn’t think twice about leaving Russia for a good employment opportunity; over a half of people in this respondent category are less than forty years old. As for those over forty, 45% of respondents in this age group would perhaps risk leaving the country for good but still have their doubts about the idea (or its feasibility).

The survey findings also indicate that 87% of surveyed locals believe the job factor is a very valid one when it comes to moving country. 13% of respondents, however, do not see employment as the crucial factor in moving-related decisions.

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