NAFI: Over 50% of Russians don’t have much in savings

12 October 2015 (09:21)

UrBC, Moscow, October 12, 2015. 53% of Russians do not have enough savings to be able to afford a large purchase (the sum in question is their month’s pay), the National Financial Research Agency (NAFI) reports.

Both people living in rural parts of the country and those from bigger cities agree on the scale of their financial flexibility. Younger people in the 18-19 age group find it the most difficult to find the money they need, while those in the 30-39 age group find it the easiest, with 41% of them having no trouble finding the required amount.

Buying a house or an apartment or investing in home remodeling is the most popular reason Russians might need this kind of money, given by 42% of those surveyed. Buying a car is the second most popular one, provided by 16% of respondents. 7% said they need to book their vacations, 6% would like to save up for their or their kids’ education, 3% intend to support their children or grandchildren, and 2% want to pay off their current loans.

As for the ways to make these savings, 55% of respondents set aside certain sums, 44% come up with a special action plan, and 37% try to cut down on their spending. Under a third of those surveyed look for a new or an additional job (30%), nearly one in ten (8%) tries to borrow money, and 7% are already in the process of loan or debt repayment.

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