EVRAZ ZSMK Sintering Plant Gets Gas-Filtering Facilities Reconstructed

21 February 2019 (09:18)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 21, 2019. The fourth gas-filtering/dust-trapping unit got recently launched at EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ ZSMK) Sintering Plant. The launch of the unit signified the end of gas-filtering facility renovation process.

The plant’s PR Department reports the four filtering units that are now all active process 900,000 m3 of air every hour, with filtering efficiency at 99%. The sock filters within the units are very efficient in trapping dust (which can then get recycled). Moreover, ZSMK managed to reduce its sintering plant’s harmful emissions by 425,000 kg a year since 2015. Some RUB 368 million have been invested into this renovation project.

The introduction of more advanced equipment at the plant means the company can keep gradually reducing its negative environmental impact. EVRAZ ZSMK currently recycles more than 68% of its production waste. The plant has directed RUB 2.3 billion to environmental programs in the last eleven years; another RUB 4 billion will also get allocated for the purpose in 2019-2024.

The sintering plant makes iron ore raw stuff for blast furnaces. The plant operates three sintering machines altogether (total production capacity: 600,000,000+ kg of sinter a month).

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