MMK To Put Up New Sintering Plant

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, October 15, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) is about to launch its new Sintering Plant 5 with two very special sintering units that are currently unique to Russia, MMK Information & PR Department reports.

The tech equipment is still being assembled for the units at the moment; the metal frameworks for the sintering plant’s building and facilities need to get put up as well.

The two new sintering unit have a sintering area of 300 m2 per each sintering belt (height of the sintering mix layer: 700 mm). This is much better than the current parameters of Sintering Plant 4 (sintering area: 95.4 m2; height of the sintering mix layer: 280-290 mm). Sintering Plant 4 will get shut down once the new plant has been launched. Additionally, the 0-5 mm particle content will also drop from 10% down to 5%.

Both sintering units will have two electric filters to keep the sintering gases dust-free. The plant also relies on nine sock-filter suction systems and sintering gas recirculation systems. There will also be a plaster deliquefaction unit and an entire system to collect and redirect the storm water runoff from the plant’s production site to Sludge Depository 2.

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