MMK Launches First Sintering Machine at Sintering Plant 5

12 April 2019 (09:04)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, April 12, 2019. Sintering Machine 1 got launched at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Sintering Plant 5 (currently under construction); the machine produced its first batch of sinter cake for the plant’s blast furnace department. MMK Chair of the BOD Viktor Rashnikov and Director-General Pavel Shilyayev both attended the launching ceremony, MMK’s press service reports.

According to Viktor Rashnikov, once it gets launched, Sintering Plant 5 (projected capacity: 5.5m tons a year) will provide the plant’s blast furnace department with good quality sinter cake and will thus bring down the plant’s cast iron production costs.

Rashnikov also said the would-be sintering plant relied on the best available energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies. According to Pavel Shilyayev, the new sintering plant has nineteen ‘green’ facilities such as electric filtering units, gas-suction units, a plaster stone dewatering unit, and a storm water collection and discharge system. So, the plant’s dust emissions are expected to go down by 2,100,000 kg a year, sulphur dioxide emissions by 3,500,000 kg a year, suspended matter discharge by 600,000 kg a year, and benzapyrene emissions by nearly 25%.

According to MMK’s representatives, the construction of a new sintering plant will make it possible to recycle the spent slurry from the sulphur-filtering units and make commercial-grade plaster out of it as well as prevent 13,750,000 kg of waste a year from ending up in Slurry Storage 2. Additionally, the launch of Sintering Plant 5 will mean that the obsolete Sintering Plant 4 can finally get shut down and that the working conditions at the plant’s sintering division will improve greatly.

MMK management paid a visit to Sintering Plant 5 future control room, from where the entire sinter cake production process will get managed automatically (a big difference from the older sintering plants).

The technological equipment for Sintering Machine 2 is now being assembled; the machine is expected to get launched in July.

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