MegaFon Russia: Every 1 In 4 My Account Users Lives In The Urals

23 January 2019 (09:29)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 23, 2019. MegaFon Ural’s subscribers are among the country’s most independent people, MegaFon believes: every one in four of My Account users on the company website is based in the Urals, the company’s press service reports.

2.2 million locals prefer to deal with their telecom issues online, with peak on-site presence time between noon and 2 PM.

Every one in five users (18%) belongs in the 46-60 age group, while 35% of users are people in the 26-35 age group. The share of those in the 18-22 age bracket comes to 22%.

My Account is mostly used to look into one’s subscriptions, check traffic/account balance, sign up for flat-rate unlimited Internet connection packages, and find out more about MegaFon’s personalized offers. Bonus activation, options management, and detailed bill requests are also among the top ten online actions.

‘You can actually deal with more than 80% of all the issues on your own and save up to an hour a day with the app, since you don’t need to go anywhere and have everything within reach. People based in Sverdlovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Tyumen Region, and Yugra proved the most active online self-service users last year, with the breakdown of male and female users at 50/50,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Mass Market Development Director Alexander Malov.

The app also lets you check your spending throughout the month, unsubscribe/subscribe to services, sign up for roaming or mobile Internet options, and chat with the tech support.

My Account is the app that is available on your smartphone or tablet (any OS-compatible).

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