Nearly 50,000 MegaFon Ural’s Customers Sign Up for Cashback

9 April 2019 (09:11)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 9, 2019. A new MegaFon Ural customer signs up for the company’s cashback options every minute, MegaFon states after looking into the sign-up statistics on its new series of all-inclusive packages (20% of money spent on telecom services gets paid back into the user’s account), the company’s press service reports.

‘According to MegaFon’s data, nearly 50,000 of our customers are already using our cashback options. Every one in five rubles you spend on telecom services either at home or abroad can go back to your user account. The money can get used to (partially or fully) cover the cost of a new gadget/accessories at MegaFon’s stores or to pay for the company’s top products and services. These are the ground terms and conditions for our all-inclusive packages,’ the press service says.

In addition to the 20% cashback, MegaFon Ural’s customers are also increasingly choosing another appealing offer: flat-rate, unlimited Internet connection. In fact, eight out of ten customers opt for this.

‘It’s been determined that customers on all-inclusive packages use 1.7 times more Internet traffic than an average user throughout Russia. They download/upload the amount of data every week that is comparable with clicking on and opening 4,000 website links. Our unlimited Internet traffic, the hotspot-creating option, and Russia’s fastest 4G connection all help our users do this easily,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Sales Director Alexander Malov.

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