ChelPipe Group Shareholder Andrei Komarov Takes Part in Chelyabinsk Operaís Board of Trustees Meeting

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, January 22, 2019. Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky hosted a meeting with M.I. Glinka Chelyabinsk State Academy Opera & Ballet Theaterís Board of Trustees on December 18, 2019, with ChelPipe Groupís shareholders Andrei Komarov and Alexander Fedorov on the board among other members.

According to ChelPipe Groupís press service, the meeting was dedicated to the boardís performance throughout the year 2018 and to the plans for the year 2019. This year, the board intends to get the main stage and the ballet hall repaired and the theaterís infrastructure expanded, to set up the opera museum, support new releases, coordinate the theaterís guest performances in the Bolshoy Theater, and organize a festival in honor of Ekaterina Maximova.

ĎRussian President Vladimir V. Putin declared the year 2019 the Year of The Theater. We work to support the state-owned and town-run theaters by financing new releases, investing in facilities, and helping organize guest performances in other theaters. Chelyabinsk is planning to host the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and BRICS summit in 2020, so one task at hand, as a host, is to introduce our visitors to the areaís great creative potential,í Governor Boris Dubrovsky said.

ĎI am truly grateful to Governor Dubrovsky and my fellow board members for their personal involvement in and contribution to the boardís performance. In many respects, it was your support that made the achievement of our goals for 2018 possible. For one, I see the second independent production of The Catís House by young students from Childrenís Singing School as one of last yearís greatest creative highlights. The opera was a great success with the Southern Uralsí audience. The school was set up at the Board of Trusteesí initiative two years ago and is now one of the largest local childrenís organizations. Weíll keep on supporting and encouraging young talents; the schoolís students will also perform in the theaterís latest rendition of La Bohème. Additionally, the best theater workers will keep receiving grants for their contribution to the theaterís artistic development,í said Chair of Chelyabinsk Opera & Ballet Theaterís Board of Trustees and ChelPipe Groupís shareholder Andrei Komarov.

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