Miners from Raspadskaya’s Section 17 Extract 2,000,000,000 kg of Coal

19 December 2018 (09:32)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 19, 2018. Miners from EVRAZ Raspadskaya Mine’s Section 17 extracted 2,000,000,000 kg of coal between January and late December this year; the first 1,000,000,000 kg got produced as early as July.

According to Raspadskaya Coal Company’s PR Department, Alexei Ivanov’s team (head of Section 17: Sergey Vassilyev) extracted their 2,000,000,000 kg of valuable GZh coal from Long-Face 5а-7-32 that first got commissioned in December 2017. The miners rely on a highly efficient set of automated appliances and a Joy long wall shearer-loader, with the average daily long-face workload at 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 kg of coal.

The work proves so efficient due to compliance with safety rules and clever use of equipment. The miners use the automated appliances’ potential to the fullest and manage to reduce the shearer’s operating time and increase the coal output.

Now that the 2,000,000,000-kg benchmark has been set, Alexei Ivanov’s team intends to come up with another 1,000,000,000 kg of coal from the same mine section as soon as next spring. Long-Face 5а-7-32 is meant to get worked upon through June 2019, whereupon the equipment will get reinstalled at Long-Face 5а-7-34 (this one is expected to get commissioned in September 2019).

Raspadskaya Mine, run by EVRAZ Holding’s Raspadskaya Coal Company, produces high-quality coking coal of the GZh variety. After it gets processed at Raspadskaya Processing Plant, the coal gets delivered onto metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, and Southeast Asia.

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