59% of Russian Companies Control Employees’ Social Media Presence

10 December 2018 (09:27)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 10, 2018. 59% of Russian companies now have rules and guidelines for their employees’ social media presence; thee years ago, the figure was 51%, SuperJob refers to its own research findings as indicating.

According to SuperJob, the businesses are mostly worried about their trade secrets (37% of respondents provided this reason for controlling their workers’ online behavior). 21% of employers insist that their staff comply with the netiquette conventions. 18% forbid any negative comments relating to an employee’s workplace, management, and coworkers. Every one in twenty companies does not allow their staff to post selfies in uniforms and/or at the office. 4% of companies forbid their employees to disclose any information whatsoever relating to their job. Every one in a hundred companies has some other specific regulations, including a ban on criticizing the government authorities or posting inaccurate information on products and services.

Additionally, 27% of companies block their employees’ workplace access to social networks.

The share of companies that introduced trade secret non-disclosure limitations for their workers has come up by nearly 1.5 times since a similar survey was carried out three years ago: the percentage rose from 25% in 2015 to 37% in 2018. The share of companies that do not control their workers’ social media presence dropped from 39% three years ago to 30% this year.

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