Superjob: 33% of Russian companies forego New Year parties

28 November 2014 (09:15)

November 28, 2014. Only two-thirds of Russian companies are planning to have New Year parties for employees; every one in five businesses can’t make up their mind just yet, Superjob reports.

A survey involving 2,000 HR managers and other personnel departments representatives working for Russian companies revealed the following: 65% of respondents confirmed their companies had already made plans for a New Year party. 41% of such businesses are going to have one at a restaurant, 14% are planning to celebrate at the office, 4% will go to the countryside, and 6% will decide on some other way of celebrating.

According to the survey, 14% of Russian companies are not going to have a New Year party: this is just not customary for 8% of businesses and 6% are struggling with financial problems. Every one in five (21%) Russian company has not come up with a decision yet.

The scale of the celebration is a bit more modest this year compared with the previous years: 75% of Russian businesses used to have New Year parties before (75% in 2012 and 78% in 2013), whereas this year, the figure stands at 65%.

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