Over 10% Russian companies to cut New Year party spending

10 December 2013 (09:45)

December 10, 2013. Every one in three Russian companies will spend more on New Year parties this year than last year, Superjob.ru’s research findings indicate.

The number of businesses that will have to give up on the idea of a New Year party due to financial troubles is lower than in 2008, so for three years in row, such businesses only make up 3% of all the companies. In 2008, almost every one in five companies had to cancel parties (18%), whereas a year later, the figure went down by three times; now only 3% of companies don’t arrange parties at New Year.

‘The scale of the event directly depends on the employers’’ generosity: some companies treat their employees to a party at a restaurant, with a show and a presenter; in some cases, trips to ski resorts are coordinated. In some companies, workers report, ‘the company covers part of the costs involved in renting a restaurant, and the employees pay 2,000 RUR each for the reception’. There are even companies where only bosses and especially efficient employees get to celebrate New Year,’ Superjob.ru states.

In more than a quarter (27%) of companies, the budget for the event has remained the same as last year, and in 32% of companies it grew bigger. 13% of companies are planning to cut down on their costs, and 28% of businesses haven’t decided yet how much money they will direct to the New Year 2014 party.

The survey was conducted in 132 cities of Russia.

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