MegaFon To Invest RUR 110m in Komiís Digitalization

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 24, 2018. Twenty of Komiís remotest locations will get stable mobile connection and high-speed Internet access in the first quarter of 2019 thanks to MegaFon; the company intends to invest more than RUR 110m in the constituencyís digital development, the ISPís press service reports.

The Republic of Komiís Government and the digital operator MegaFon agreed to invest in the territoryís communications development together. A large-scale telecom construction works will soon be taking place in Komiís poorly accessible and remote locations in order to introduce better mobile communication services there. 5,000 residents of Kortkerosky, Ust-Tsilemsky, Knyazhpogostsky, Troitsko-Pechersky, and Priluzsky as well as local hospitals, schools, and public service buildings will be provided with reliable mobile and Internet connection.

MegaFonís engineers will install compact base stations in the area to ensure reliable connection even in low/missing mobile signal spots. The ISPís network will ensure usersí access to electronic public services right from their homes.

ĎThe plan is to make sure people in even the remotest locations can feel part of the universal digital space. This is why we worked with MegaFon last year to erase digital inequality and provide residents of Kazluk and Donayel with telecommunications services. This year, the network coverage will extend to smaller settlements (with population starting from sixty people),í says The Republic of Komiís Governmentís Prime Minister Larisa Maksimova.

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