MegaFon Improves Signal Quality for 15,000 Sverdlovsk Region’s Residents

8 February 2019 (09:23)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 8, 2019. MegaFon is now using double-duty pole structures as supports for its base stations in order to improve signal quality and/or introduce 4G connection at newly commissioned apartment buildings in Sverdlovsk Region. These measures improved the connection quality for 15,000 locals in the last two months, the company’s press service reports.

Similar construction projects used to take twice as long to build and to cost 33% more to launch in the past.

‘Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Kamensk Uralsky, Aramil, Revda, Sysert, and Kashino are the first Sverdlovsk Region’s towns to start using telecom equipment mounted by MegaFon’s engineers on double-duty supports. These metal structures serve as both street lanterns and supports for digital solutions such as telecom, video surveillance, and monitoring appliances,’ the press service explains.

MegaFon’s reliable mobile signal and high-speed 4G Internet connection are now available in the newer quarters of Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Mashinostroiteley St, Shchors St), in Kamensk Uralsky (Lenin St, Oleg Koshevoy St, Moskovskaya St, and Fizkulturnikov St), in the suburbia of Kashino, in Sysert (Traktovaya St and in the retail chain Svetofor’s outlet), and in Revda (Orekhovaya St, Olkhovskaya St, Sovetskikh Kosmonavtov St, Mira St, Sportivnaya St, and in Temp Sports Center).

Using the dual-purpose support structures is up to 30% less costly than building the company’s own infrastructure appliances. MegaFon intends to introduce base stations on double-duty supports in other locations across Sverdlovsk Region this year to ensure access to 4G Internet connection to even more local users.

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