78% of Russians Skeptical About State Pensions

26 June 2018 (11:42)

UrBC, Moscow, June 26, 2018. The number of respondents in a recent nationwide survey in Russia who do not believe the government will be able to provide them with a good enough pension comes to 78%, Superjob refers to its survey findings as indicating.

Within those surveyed, the number of skeptical respondents who are male is greater than that of skeptical female respondents (81% and 75%, respectively). As for those who were hesitant to give a confident answer, the share of female respondents was greater here than that of male ones (16% and 9%, respectively).

People seem to grow increasingly more doubtful about their retirement future as their age increases: only 7% of respondents in the 45+ age group are positive they can expect a good enough pension from the state, whereas in the under-45 age group, the share of positive thinkers comes to 10%.

The survey was conducted in 294 towns in all Russian federal constituencies and involved 1,600 working nationals over eighteen.

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