76% of Russians Still Have to Cut Down on Spending

4 May 2018 (09:22)

UrBC, Moscow, May 4, 2018. 76% of Russians said they had to look for ways to cut down on their spending in March 2018, Romir’s research findings indicate.

The share of Russians who have to scrape their living went down by 6% in March 2018 compared with one year earlier, when the future was 82%. According to Romir’s research, they had to cut back on spending in every single consumer category.

Mostly, people say they can’t afford to spend freely at supermarkets: 17% of respondents admitted they now must spend less on food. 12% of those surveyed said they couldn’t afford a vacation, and 9% had to reconsider their clothing and footwear expenses. Last year, the share of respondents in the same respective categories came to 39%, 30%, and 33%.

The nationwide survey involved 1,500 Russians over eighteen years of age who live in cities and villages in all parts of the country. The survey findings thus represent the situation all of Russia’s adult population is currently in.

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