75% of Russians had loan offers infringed on them

August 15, 2013. Three-quarters of Russians had loan offers infringed upon them by bank clerks. According to Superjob.ru's Research Center, this is exactly the point where some image damage is done to the bank in the customer's viewpoint: 59% of Russians who were faced with such pressure exerted on them, normally grow to think worse of this particular bank.

An infringement of loan services is quite a wide-spread phenomenon in Russia: more than 75% of respondents said they did have such an experience. Banks typically target quite adult and income-stable audience: 79% to 80% of respondents in the 25-45 age group said this was a familiar problem, but only 67% of those surveyed in the under 25 age group had this experience.

Feeling annoyed is the most common reaction of a customer to a bank clerk's enticements. Only one in hundreds of customers said they felt more positive about the bank afterwards and 28% said their attitude towards the bank remained the same.

Men tend to be more skeptical: 63% of male respondents formed a worse opinion of the bank following such a conversation, and in some cases they even stopped banking with this particular bank. Only 55% of female respondents were just as negative.

Only 13% of Russians are willing to bank again with the bank that pressed them to buy a particular product, and 62% of those surveyed said they would try to avoid this bank in the future. The respondents feel intimidated by the 'aggressive sales' methods and by the pressure exerted on the customer.

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