MMK Makes 20,000,000,000 kg of Hot-Rolled Goods

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, April 12, 2018. 20,000,000,000 kg of hot-rolled goods have been manufactured at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Long Products Departments this year so far, MMK Information & PR Department reports.

‘Three advanced, fully automated mills by the Italian company Danieli got launched in the department in 2005 and 2006; their consolidated capacity came to more than 2,000,000,000 kg of rolled section steel a year. These were the first mills put up on the post-Soviet territory in the post-Soviet times; they also proved among the most up-to-date in the world in terms of their technical parameters,’ the Department says.

Section Mill 450, with production capacity of up to 790,000,000 kg a year, is meant for making L-bars, U-sections, rods, and strips. The small-section Mill 370, with production capacity of 585,000,000 kg a year, is meant for making reinforcing bars and discs (diameter: up to 50 mm), hexagonal bars, and square billets. Small-section Mill 170, with production capacity of 765,000,000 kg a year, is meant for making wiring rods and thermally reinforced small-scale fittings. MMK’s new mills are highly productive and flexible and can be used to make a wide range of products; they are also resource-efficient due to a great degree of automation.

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