EVRAZ KGOK’s Yulia Ostankova Wins in Company Contest

Sintering plant conveyor operator from EVRAZ Kachkanar Ore Mining & Processing Plant (KGOK) Yulia Ostankova won the first prize in the company skills contest/beauty pageant EVRAZ 2018, outstripping nine other finalists, all of whom are employed with EVRAZ Holding Ural’s member enterprises.

This is the sixth time this women-only contest has been held. This year’s theme goes along the lines of A Place to Work, A Place to Live.

The finalists created video clips featuring their favorite spots in Nizhniy Tagil and Kachkanar. During the preparatory stages of the contest, they coordinated a number of workshops for students of local rehabilitation centers, took parts in photoshoots, and tried themselves out as news anchors. Also, every contestant performed something creative on stage:

EVRAZ Nizhniy Tagil Integrated Metallurgical Works (NTMK) acceptance quality control testing inspector Darya Golub did a disco dance, KGOK sintering plant’s crane operator Svetlana Shipitsina sang a folk song, processing plant’s separator operator Maria Kostina did a belly dance, and two more contestants came together in a hip hop battle and a trivia quiz as well as went down the catwalk.

The winner gets to spend a summer weekend in Moscow.

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