First Freight Company Cuts Idle Time 73% in Chelyabinsk

23 November 2017 (16:56)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, November 23, 2017. Director of First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk subsidiary Vladimir Terekhov came up with a performance report for the ten months of 2017, the company press service reports.

Terekhov pointed out that they managed to cut down the idle time of their railcars by 73% (down to 243 units) this year thanks to more efficient collaboration with other players in the freight forwarding business.

‘A railcar turnover is the primary indicator of how efficiently a company’s rolling stock gets used, so increasing these turnover figures is key to obtaining some extra resources. We achieved this goal and increased our turnover time by nearly 24 hours compared with railcar turnover times of other freight forwarders operating in the Southern Urals. We have been working together with the consignors for the second year in a row, deciding on the upper idle time limit. Our objective is to decrease the percentage of idle times that are over five days long and to eliminate completely idle times that are over twenty days long. As many as 904 railcars remained unused for five days in January 2017; by October 2017, the number dropped down to 243,’ Terekhov said.

According to First Deputy Head of South Ural Railways Alexander Selmenskikh, Russian Railways keeps working to make their fleet of railcars more efficient and to speed up their locos.

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