Igor Levitin Comes to Yekaterinburg Arena

23 October 2017 (13:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 23, 2017. Aide to the President of Russian Federation Igor Levitin paid a visit to Yekaterinburg-Arena’s construction site; the stadium is being reconstructed by Sinara Development in time for the World Cup 2018, Sinara Group’s press service reports.

The Group’s Director-General Mikhail Khodorovsky told the official about the reconstruction process.

‘The most labor-intensive and technologically challenging stages of the project have by now been completed; we are currently finishing the interior of the rooms under the spectator stands, cleaning up the surrounding territory, working on the engineering infrastructure, installing the interactive announcement board and the lighting fixtures. The roof is fully finished, as is the pitch, the entry checkpoint, and the security pavilions. We now have 26 functioning elevators, permanent spectator stands, and nearly 17,000 seats. This is all done on schedule, and the entire project is 90% compete,’ Khodorovsky said.

Levitin spoke very highly of the developer’s efforts.

‘There are obviously no problems with the project, I see. I am fully confident that the stadium will get commissioned on time,’ he said after finishing his tour of the site.

Aide to the President was impressed with the fact that the construction process provides for functions that will be useful not only during the upcoming world football championship next year but also later, when the facility will remain a place of active recreation in a historic building for all the locals.

‘A running track with a special professional coating around Yekaterinburg Arena is an interesting solution; what is more, you can make a skating rink out of it in the winter,’ Levitin said.

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