Power Suppliers: Sverdlovsk Region Not Ready for Heating Season

29 August 2017 (12:16)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 29, 2017. Power suppliers report Sverdlovsk Region’s buildings are poorly prepared for the upcoming heating season, EnergosbyT Plus’s local division reports.

Local management company only managed to prepare 15% of Sverdlovsk Region’s housing fund for winter by the end of summer. 2,246 apartment buildings were issued technical compliance certificates by EnergosbyT Plus.

‘The buildings with the certificates carried out all the necessary technological procedures such as pneumatic rinsing and hydraulic pressure tests of the building’s internal heating system and getting the heating system and the hot water supply networks disinfected. Only 144 Yekaterinburg apartment buildings (1% of the total housing fund) got their heating system disinfected. The figure for Nizhniyaya Tura and Lesnoy is 0%,’ the company says.

Over a half of apartment buildings in the area did the rinsing and the hydraulic pressure tests, however. 46% of Yekaterinburg-based and 71% of Pervouralsk-based buildings did the hydraulic pressure tests. 65% and 71% of Yekaterinburg- and Pervouralsk-based buildings did the rinsing procedures. The figure for Nizhniyaya Tura and Lesnoy is 10%.

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