Local heat and power supplier to cut out heat in Yekaterinburg by May 20, 2007

14 May 2007 (11:08)

TGK-9, the local heat and power supplier, has been gradually lowering the temperature level in Yekaterinburg’s heat networks since May 10, 2007. The process will have been completed by May 20, 2007.

'These will be the non-residential premises like production facilities that will be cut out first, then it will be the city’s living quarters‘ turn, and finally, the heating season will be over in socially important buildings like schools, hospitals, and kindergartens. Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy has already signed a provision regarding the end of the heating season and issued some proposals related to the heating season 2007/2008. The city’s Fuel and Energy Administration has drawn up a schedule for hydraulic tests to be given to all the heat networks in Yekaterinburg. The schedule also provides for seven pressure and hydraulic tests during the spring and summer months; hot water supply will have to be interrupted throughout the testing periods, with the first series of tests to take place on May 15-17, 2007 and the last series scheduled for August 22-23, 2007.

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