Yekaterinburg: Water Supply System Checks Reveal 35 Damage Spots

25 May 2018 (09:31)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 25, 2018. Yekaterinburg heating, power, and water supply services carried out the first stage of their annual hydraulic tests on water pipes to find thirty-five defects in the pipelines, ETK’s press service reports.

The tests were carried out between 11 PM on May 21 and 7 AM on May 24, with limited hot water supply to end users. The hydraulic pressure tests necessitated bringing the overall pipe pressure to above average to ensure compliance with the technical requirements.

Damage spots were detected in Lenin Ave-Khokhryakov St, Vainer St-Popov St, Onufriev St, Bratyev Bykovykh St, Volgogradskaya St, Shevchenko St, Serov St, Sireneviy Blvd, Starykh Bolshevikov St, Krasnykh Komandirov St, Omskaya St, Sovetskaya St, Klyuchevskaya St-Stachek St, Posadskaya St, Armavirskaya St, Pobedy St, and Aviatstionnaya St.

‘The damage resulting from hydraulic tests is nothing like an emergency: the testing process is a planned, scheduled routine that has to do with the official preparations for the next heating season, and all the procedures get carried out in full compliance with Rostechnadzor’s regulations,’ the press service says.

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