TMK Makes Corrosion-Resistant Pipes

31 July 2017 (14:55)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 31, 2017. Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) is now making Russia’s first casing pipes made from TMK C, the corrosion-resistant chrome and nickel alloy, the company press service reports.

The fist set of TMK C casing pipes (strength grade: 110) with airtight, gas-tight TMK UP PF premium threaded joints was made the company’s TAGMET and supplied to Lukoil.

The alloy was designed at TMK to make pipes for oil deposits with extremely high H2S and CO2 content and partial pressure. Up to now, pipes made from chrome and nickel alloys were only available abroad.

‘TMK keeps mastering the production of hi tech, innovative goods and expanding the range of unique, custom-made pipes. Our new TMK C alloy is yet another step on the way to substituting foreign equipment and materials with their locally produced counterparts. Russian oil and gas companies can now enjoy reliable, competitive produce suitable for deposits with increased hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide content,’ says TMK Deputy Director-General for Sales & Innovations Sergey Chikalov.

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