Sinara Pipe Plant Supplies Pipes to Surgutneftegaz

13 October 2016 (13:54)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 13, 2016. Pipe Metallurgical Company’s Sinara Pipe Plant made and delivered to Surgutneftegaz 788,700 kg of GOST R 53366-2009 Type Q cold-proof casing pipes (diameter: 146.1mm, strength grade: N80) with TMK UP FMC threaded joints, Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) reports.

The casing pipes with TMK UP FMC threaded joints are meant to be used at oil and natural gas deposits and gas condensate fields in the Polar North (operation temperature down to sixty degrees centigrade below zero). The pipes get installed at vertical and inclined wells (drift angle build-up 3.3 degrees/10m max.) These threaded joints have better airtightness parameters than their standard counterparts.

The pipes for Surgutneftegaz were manufactured at the plant’s new pipe-threading machine USC 21/190 at Department T-2 and at EMAG coupling sleeve machines VSC-400 at Department T-4. Sinara Pipe Plant’s and TMK Premium Service’s employees worked together to devise and agree upon an incoming inspection procedure at Surgutneftegaz Central Pipe Base.

‘Making casing pipes with TMK UP FMC threaded joints is a serious effort in expanding our premium threaded joints product range. Sinara Pipe Plant will start making new pipe varieties with higher strength grades and added options (such as corrosion, H2S, and cold resistance) as new orders are placed,’ the plant’s Managing Director Vyacheslav Popkov is quoted as saying.

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