EVRAZ Mezhegeyugol Mine Focus on Stoping Work

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 3, 2017. Mining teams headed by Sergey Saprykin and Alexander Asinsky both did 1km worth of stoping work at EVRAZ Holding’s Mezhegeyugol Mine in March 2017. So far, this has been the best result across the holding’s mining division, EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s Corporate Relations Center reports.

‘Mezhegeyugol miners set a high benchmark for the entire team of Raspadskaya Coal Company. Workers at Yerunakovskaya 8 Mine and Raspadskaya Mine, who are using the same techniques, are only planning on reaching the same output. I hope our miners at Mezhegeyugol will set a new production record this year, too,’ says EVRAZ Vice President and head of the holding’s mining division Sergey Stepanov.

‘Mezhegeyugol relies on the equipment supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers, mostly self-propelled appliances. Self-acting wheeled transport also gets used to transfer workers into the mine, which reduces risk of accidents and ensures enhanced productivity. To make the process extremely safe, Ingortech air and gas control system and a ventilation unit have been installed within the mine; the mine also gets dust-filtered and checked for rock condition on a daily basis,’ the Center says.

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