EVRAZ Miners First to Launch Self-Advancing Prop Unit

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 3, 2018. Miners at EVRAZ Holding’s Mezhegeyugol Mine in Tyva proved the first to launch a set of self-advancing prop units in Russia, the holding’s res service reports.

The coal is extracted from the mine through chamber-and-pillar/taking-down coal bed stoping. The new equipment will ensure safe mining process at Mezhegeyugol Mine and will also boost labor productivity. The coal extraction coefficient for valuable Zh coal type will rise to as much as 78%. For one, the miners made 35,000,000 kg of coal in June and 10,000,000 kg more in the following month already.

This set of self-advancing prop units is now integrated into the existing technological chain, which allowed for less heavier use of anchor bolts. The prop units are suitable for flat coal layers, can unfold to reach as much as 4m in height, and hold any type of roofing reliably. All this ensures miners’ job safety and prevents uncontrollable collapse.

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